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Light in the Darkness

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“...even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the day, for the darkness is as light to you.” Psalm 139:12


Darkness comes and darkness goes. Sometimes we have seasons of trials and seasons of joy. And then, some days are a toss-up between the two.


Our little family has been walking through a long season of trial, disappointment, and pain, where I felt desperate to see some light!  Parts of our story some of you know: business failures, infertility, failed adoptions…others I may not ever get to share with you.  


But, praise Jesus, I sense a fresh new season ahead.  And, it is changing my heart. Don’t hear me wrong – this is NOT an “easy” season: we are wrangling babies, making more trips to the pediatric clinic than I knew were allowed, sleep walking between cribs in the middle of the night, washing lots of dishes, and doing loads and loads and loads of laundry….but it’s just about the cutest laundry you have ever seen.


In this new season, I’m able to reflect on some of the painful things in the past.   Some that have changed the course of our life, jobs, home, family “planning,” attitudes, and others that completely broke our hearts. But, out of the darkness, these things look different. Walking in this new season, in God’s grace for our family, is healing my heart.  One day, and one step at a time, the broken pieces of my heart are coming into the light.  And, I have started to pick them up, raise them up in my hands and praise Jesus for them. 


These paintings started with the hard season – dark drips and stains. I added the light and joy on top but left small fractured parts of the dark season showing through, contrasting with the new colors and brushstrokes, but holding the composition together.  I am praising Jesus for the hard things in the dark season today – for the way they moved us, changed us, and brought us into deeper relationship with Him.

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